Updated Photography on Your Website

Have you ever visited a website and thought that the photography was likely the same as when the website was launched in 1996? Whenever I see this, it makes the impression that the entire company is obsolete and irrelevant. Outdated imagery will not leave a positive impact on your clients. The images on your website need to stay fresh.

A great example of current, professional photography on a website is the Fond du Lac Loop. The natural photography does a great job of showing that people of all ages can enjoy the Loop, while also demonstrating the range of activities one can do while on the Loop. When the season changes, so does the photography! This is a great way to illustrate that the loop can be used all year long. Even if your company’s offerings do not change with the seasons, updated photography shows that you are putting forth the effort to keep your site fresh. If that effort has been put into the aesthetics of the photography, customers will typically assume that the same amount of effort has been put into the site content.


It is an extremely important component of your website that helps set the tone and mood. Once you have decided it is time to update, you will need to choose between new, professional photography or using stock photography. If you need help in making this decision, please reference my previous blog post, “Should I use original or stock photography?” where I discuss key factors in deciding whether to pay a photographer to take your photos or to purchase the images online.

Please do not forget that wisnet.com’s own Brian Kolstad does beautiful photography! Whether it is new headshots for your team page, location images, or product photography, the new, tasteful imagery will give your website the boost it deserves. His photos, along with any necessary retouching by wisnet.com’s experienced designers, will help sell you, your products, and your business.