How to perform a “Hard Refresh” in Google Chrome

As web developers, we’ve seen browser cache become a major confusion point for our clients over the years. While Google Chrome is trying to help sites load quickly and efficiently, the files it hangs onto can sometimes prohibit you from seeing incremental updates if our team of Geeks & Creatives is adjusting the styling of your site or app.

Quick Run Through

So here’s a quick and easy run through that shows you how to clear your browser cache for a specific page (and sometimes an entire site).

This method also should keep you logged into all of your accounts across the web so you won’t have to go resetting your passwords because you haven’t gotten around to implementing LastPass or 1Password yet.

What if you don’t use Chrome or you’re on a mobile device?

No worries! has you covered with step-by-step instructions across a variety of operating systems and browsers (some a little dated, but should still point you in the right direction).

If you’re still at your wit’s end and need help, call on your team of Geeks & Creatives of wisnet to come to the rescue!