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#BikeBreak – Smarter, Healthier, Happier

People are designed to move not sit – a #BikeBreak might just be the missing link in your daily grind. Breakaway from the pack for a bit. Just 15 minutes of physical activity and fresh air can increase productivity (both before, during, and after the break). Did you know biking makes you smarter, happier, and […]

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3 Super Cool Time Saving G-Suite Inbox Tips

Inbox management is a constant struggle. All too often, emails come in from all fronts throughout the entire day. Whether it’s clients, team members, family or that pesky sales person who just wants to “connect” and get lunch every other day. How can you stay focused on the messages that matter most when your Inbox […]

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RE: Using sick days for mental health

I HATE this bad habit, but while aimlessly wasting time & scrolling through my Facebook feed last night, I found a gold nugget:  this great article – the story of Madalyn Parker, a fellow web developer from Michigan who works for Olark. For those who haven’t seen/heard of it, long story short, she emailed her team […]

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More than websites

At, we approach every single project as a small piece to a larger puzzle. It’s not just a website, it’s an extension (and often first impression) of your brand. It’s not just an application, it’s removing hurdles for your customers to continue to work with you. It’s not just digital signage, it’s communicating to […]

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Rethinking Mentors

At wisnet, we love sharing our experiences, ideas and even reflections for the betterment of our own team –and our community! Check out the “Growing the Next Generation of Women in Management” talk on mentorship and overcoming challenges by our art director, Jenny Knuth. Jenny had the privilege of sharing her experience with Women In Management – Fond […]

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Friday Roundup – June 23, 2017

Happy Friday clients, fellow geeks, creatives & friends! Enjoy our latest batch of silly, intriguing, random, geeky, creative, and mostly beneficial learnings from June 23, 2017: The Chicago Bulls traded three-time All-Star, Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Craziness during the NBA Draft! NASA did an awesome thing and used a numerical simulation of TRAPPIST-1 to play a piano […]

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