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4 Benefits of using G Suite

Tired of missing important communication from other departments or colleagues? Feeling exhausted asking everyone to close out of the spreadsheet you need to open and edit so they don’t save over your changes? How about simple email setups taking way longer than it should? Once again, the Geeks & Creatives of wisnet will show you how […]

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When Is the Right Time?

Don’t wait. Show the world some love – you can make a difference today. Do you have something to give: A helping hand, a simple act of kindness, your time, or talents. What are you waiting for? “Not everyday is going to offer us a chance to save someone’s life. But, everyday offers us an opportunity to affect […]

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CMS – Evolution & Security

A great content management system (CMS) is one of the keys to making your web presence successful.  The evolution of content management systems and their security enhancements has been amazing over the last 20 years. Back in the Day In the late 90’s you needed to pay your ‘geeks’ to make simple updates to your […]

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10 Ways to Gift Optimistically

1. For your office pal:  Grab a #StubbornlyOptimistic mug for the perfect match. Pair with an assortment of endless coffee and hot chocolate. Fill up a mug with some of their favorites and help them stay warm and ENERGIZED to tackle their work day! Annie’s Fountain City Cafe ReachOut Books and Gifts Macy’s Place The Uba AND […]

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Happy Turkey Day!

wisnet has a lot to be thankful for this year: Celebrating our 20th anniversary, amazing clients (hey, that’s you!), a #stubbornlyoptimistic community, and a AAA Team (AAA = Absolutely Amazing & Awesome). As we wish you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving, we invite you to reflect with us: 1) What you are thankful […]

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It’s time to move to a mobile-friendly site

80% of consumers shop on smartphones. There are many strong reasons to build a website that will work on all smart devices from phones and tablets, to laptops, without having to make multiple versions of your site. The primary reason is cost. A mobile-friendly design allows us to update your website content one time instead of multiple times, which […]

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Stand out in the “look-alike” web

Author: Scott K Every company wants to stand out from their competition. But how? Their business may be selling the same products and the have same high-quality service. But YOU ARE DIFFERENT. We have a process that will discover what makes your business unique compared to the other guys. This process will figure out what […]

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There’s no excuse to not update your website content

Author: Gina One of the most common business mistakes online is not keeping your content up to date. When wisnet builds new sites, we use the best content platform for our clients. When we’re doing a site redesign, often times we discover too many companies had their current site constructed in a system where they cannot […]

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MarkeyDS Voice Command Activation

You’ve been asking for it and we’ve finally delivered! Starting today, all MarkeyDS boxes have been updated to activate its voice recognition capability. Sometimes having to connect a mouse and/or keyboard to your MarkeyDS can be a little bit of a hassle because you need to dig out the box from behind the TV, plug […]

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Background: provides top notch website solutions to our growing client base.  With both a development team and marketing team in house, there is a need for a person with experience in WordPress development. Job Description: A Front-End Developer is responsible for executing high impact websites and applications that reflect each client’s web strategy. The position […]

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