about us

Work hard. Stay humble.

The Geeks & Creatives of wisnet are visionaries and problem solvers. The word “and,” as well as the “&” symbol, are essential to the core of wisnet. As a company, we’ve grown into creating more and more and more valuable services to help our clients. The “And’s” will never stop. We are continually raising the high bar of what the Geeks & Creatives of wisnet can do. More curiosity, more ideas, and more collaboration.

We don’t like to brag about ourselves. Actually, we prefer to work behind the scenes and perform magic without the spotlight. Showcasing our clients and collaborative work is more our style. But, talking about our love for the amazing people who work here is different. Our geeky creatives and our creative geeks are what make this place special.

Meet our unique combination of expertise, experience & personality:


Rick Kolstad

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Customer Support

Jodi Van Nocker

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Account Manager

Tracy Freund

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Senior Application Programmer

Steve Maass

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Senior Application Programmer

Brian Kolstad

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Brand & Strategy Consultant

Jenny Knuth

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Ashley Puetz

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We make our own fun. The fact it’s our job is an added perk.

Over the last 20 years, wisnet has grown to become so much more than a web company. More collaboration, more innovation, more tools & more ideas… We push to create more value for our clients, fuel more passions for our team, and more energy in our community. Every. Single. Day.

The concepts we live and work by:


Be yourself


But, be humble


Keep it simple


Everything is figureoutable


Try new things


Be smart about business


Build & support community


Share ideas; collaborate with many

Our company culture...

is inspired by the entire
wisnet team.

If an idea matches up with our concepts, we try it. Taco Tuesday was an easy one. Work/life balance, encouraging healthy eating, stand-up meetings, walk- or bike-breaks to clear our heads, as well as supporting our community through volunteer work, are all part of wisnet’s culture.