Websites: How old is too old?!?

We get this question a lot…

How often do I need to redesign my website?

And the answer: Well, it depends!

So here’s some questions to help you truly evaluate whether it’s time to upgrade…

Question #1: Is your website mobile friendly?

Why this matters?

  • Most sites are seeing 60%+ traffic from mobile devices. This includes smartphones and tablets. However, that number varies by industry from our experience.
  • If your site isn’t mobile friendly, chances are your site is so old you’re slowly but surely steadily dropping in search ranking – especially for users looking for you on their mobile devices. Google’s algorithms now penalizes your site as a non-mobile friendly website. To make matters worse, if your competitor is updated, Google is giving them a boost in mobile search results.

Question #2: Does your website look stylistically dated or misaligned to your current business/org?

Why this matters?

  • A picture is worth 1,000 words – and your website’s appearance can immediately turn off a site visitor if your website is dated and doesn’t accurately reflect the product or service you provide.
  • In addition to accurate information, an old appearance can convey the message that you don’t care that your site is this outdated and that you may be slow to support your customers. Your business/organizational image is everything.

Question #3: When was the last time you updated content on your site?

We’re not talking solely about a redesign here. We’re talking about simple text or image updates, perhaps adding a blog post or even a new, targeted landing page to help promote your business, service, or offering to a specific audience or need.

Dynamic content not only keeps your new & current customers coming back to your site, it’s also yet another area that is super important to search engines as they determine if your site is relevant and helpful for certain keyword searches.

BONUS! Updated website content makes for great social content.

The fact of the matter is that people don’t wake up and say, “hey I’m going to go to {insert your web domain}” but they do head over to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Whether it’s you sharing your web content or your customer’s sharing on your behalf, a website refresh can make sure your business looks great when shared on those common platforms.

Question #4: Is your website secure?

When your website is designed with wisnet, we design and host your site with the latest security measures and features in place.

However, because your site is using outdated website technology it does not have newer measures of security like SSL certificates (SSLs are the “https” and lock icon in your top URL bar of your browser that indicate a digital certificate is providing authentication and an encrypted connection for a site). SSLs protect websites from phishing scams, data breaches, and many other threats. Ultimately, it builds a secure environment for both visitors and site owners – especially if any information is exchanged, passwords used, or purchases are made from your site.

Question #5: What does your website mean to your business?

Websites have significant potential to support and grow your business/organization. Most individuals would say their website is a critical aspect of their work and they can’t live without one. We get it: Yes, it’s an investment in time and money, and the updates are often worth it. 

With a redesign and integration of Google Analytics, you’ll now have ample data at your fingertips. Here are the following areas we like to watch during redesigns to ensure your site is working for you:

Other frequently asked questions:

From start to finish, how long does a redesign take?

This can vary quite a bit. Factors include the size of the site, the functionality needs, the feedback loop, etc. On average, our small to medium sites take anywhere from 3-5 months to complete.

How much does it cost?

Price is another “it depends” kind of thing – and no, this isn’t a way of hiding the cost by any means. Ultimately, the investment on a website design/redesign comes down to functionality like special pages or custom integrations – and other project support needs like content migration. It’s never cookie-cutter. 

What we can share is this: Sites for a mix of business needs, functionality and project support in the past have ranged anywhere from $2500 to $8000 to $40,000+. If you’re looking to get a ballpark of the range you’d be in, give us a call to discuss. 

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