Hey Facebook Employees

Hey Facebook Employees, have you checked out the Midwest, more specifically Fond du Lac, WI??

Great companies and a great place to raise your family! Hard work, caring for the community, a sense of humbleness, close family ties, and doing what’s right are all key ingredients tossed into this Midwest melting pot. The people here are helpful, loving, honest, proud yet modest, and unafraid to get their hands dirty.  This is symbolic of life in America’s Heartland.

Photo by Fern M. Lomibao on Unsplash

You will not find any 80 hour work weeks here! Yet don’t be mistaken, we work hard when we are in the office, and play hard when we are not. Sure, salaries may not be like those you’ll find on the west coast, but neither is the cost of living. We prioritize work-life balance. Your life outside of work is just as important, if not more important, than your life at work. Come to Wisconsin for work and you’ll connect to caring people who are passionate about doing great work to support businesses, organizations of all sizes and shapes. You’ll also find casual environments, flexibility, transparency, and plenty of delicious cheese. An added bonus: We have plenty of fresh air to go with hiking, biking trails, lakes for fishing, hunting, skiing, vineyards, breweries, and great sports teams to watch!

@Mark, we don’t want to start anything with you, we know you have a great mind and great people around you. We’d just love to have some of them here in the Midwest.   (:

We’d love the opportunity to get to know you and work with you! If you send over your qualified developer resume and mention this post, we’ll send you a complimentary gift* of The Midwest Survival Guide by our pal Charlie Berens after an introductory call with you.

**qualified, serious inquiries only. The gift/book will be sent after an introductory conversation to see if we’re a match for each other!