What your site could be costing you?

Not a whole lot, but that’s roughly what you have to grab a client’s attention. They’ll likely skim the content of your site and either be half sold, or move along to a site that they feel would be a better fit.

Your website is your visual storefront, but there are many obstacles in the path of gaining attention. Here are some reasons your customers could be turning away.

Admit it. We’ve all been there. You wait and wait for a site to load, give up and try a different site. Using a cache system will greatly speed up your site by reducing the number of database calls.

With only a short amount of time to grab a customer’s attention, a broken link is a sure way to turn off potential clients. Using a spider system to examine your site for broken links or pictures can help alleviate the hassel of clicking on every link and picture on your site to ensure they are working.

Not providing contact information sends the wrong signal to your customers. If you remain anonymous, visitors will wonder why you don’t want to be found. Provide customers with your contact information; even a Google Map embedded on your site is more helpful than nothing.

People want to do business with other people, not logos. Share information about yourself, why you do what you do, and how long you’ve been doing it. Adding an ‘About Us’ page can help establish credibility.

In real life, these people are dynamic and interesting; yet on their website, they come across as dull and boring. By adding social media links can help bring your site to life.

How and when customers are accessing your site is changing everyday. Loading a website on a mobile phone is so much easier to do today, but it’s useless if the font is unreadable. Responsive websites are a great way to make sure people can access your site and see it the way it should be seen!

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