The Challenge
St. Mary Springs Academy (SMSA) was in need of a refreshed website to bring stronger clarity and differentiation to their private school.

Our Approach/Idea
After completing the 5&5 discovery session and ideation process, the SMSA team was excited and confident in pursuing an bigger idea and brand revamp that boldly communicated their commitment to faith-based education – specifically outlining the impact in student/alumni/family life long after graduation.

Final Result
“Unleashed by Faith”

A brand message communicating the strength of the school’s core values and approach to education being a critical component of the short term and long term experience.

The catalyst for the conversation was the need for a new website, “but when we sat down and talked, their focus was really on understanding what makes St. Mary Springs Academy unique and special, and then to capitalize on creating a brand that really fits that…. It has, No. 1, allowed us to really understand who we are as an institution and where we’re headed, but it also has allowed us to share our brand a little differently with the community.”

– Kelly Norton, St. Mary Spring Academy
(as quoted in the October 2018 issue of Insight on Business)