Project Manager

Joe Truesdale

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first:

  • Wisconsin native (Oshkosh, primarily)
  • Ripon College grad (self-designed major in Mass Media Management)
  • Background in broadcasting and theatre

Now that the “resume” portion is over, the main thing you should know about Joe is that he is a huge nerd. And not just in the typical “nerdy” stuff (although he’ll talk your ear off about video games, tabletop games, D&D, and Batman) but he really geeks out over finding solutions for clients. Whether it’s working with our Geeks & Creatives to launch their brand new website or chatting over coffee about a ways to connect with other community organizations, Joe strives to be your idea builder.

Away from wisnet, after many years of adventures together, Joe and his partner are now on the ultimate adventure: Raising a son. So lots of time with family to make the most of it. And, when there’s time, battling the backyard to try to get the grass to grow.

Random fact about me: I learned how to square dance in high school and I could still square thru 4, allemande left and right & left thru with the best of ‘em

Guilty pleasure: Professional wrestling… Yeah, yeah… I know…

First job or most unusual job: Assistant Coach for Ripon College Forensics Team (the speech/debate kind, not the CSI kind)

Organizations: Board member of the Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac, founding member of TEDxFondduLac and Pop-Up Fond du Lac, committee member of Fond du Lac’s Redevelopment Authority, former board member of Young Professionals of Fond du Lac.

Hobbies: Playing video games & tabletop games, finding new and interesting beer, anything football related with a primary focus on the Packers and Badgers, spending too much money on Legos