Multi-Tasking with Multi-Monitors

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Do you work in an office? Do you use a computer? If so, how many computer monitors are on your desk? One? Two? THREE? Or do you just work off of a laptop?

Here at wisnet, almost no one works with just one monitor, even if he or she uses a laptop. We just find that having the extra screen real estate makes for a much more efficient workspace. Less squinting, less clicking on the taskbar to change windows, more programs and information visible with just a twist of the head. And hey, my chiropractor tells me that twisting your head back and forth is good for my neck, so… BONUS.

Personally, I use three monitors. In front of me is my “main” monitor with my email, my code editor, and a general browser window with several tabs open. My left monitor is my file management area with windows showing my local folders and an FTP program that I use to upload files to our servers. In the right side monitor are a couple of browser windows that I glance at now and then for various alerts and other info.

Oh, and if you’ve never experienced a multiple monitor workspace, you can drag things from screen to screen as if it was one large display. Nice.

How good is this idea? Earlier this year (2017) we heard that someone is developing a laptop with three monitors. That caught our attention! It’s still just a concept, but it could happen. For now, it’s being marketed to gamers, but we can totally see it being a great work computer for the reasons mentioned above. Want to see it?

Here you go. Enjoy!