#BikeBreak – Smarter, Healthier, Happier

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People are designed to move, not sit – a #BikeBreak might just be the missing link in your daily grind. Breakaway from the pack for a bit. Just 15 minutes of physical activity and fresh air can increase productivity (both before, during, and after the break). Did you know biking makes you smarter, happier, and oh ya – healthier?

At wisnet, we make a point to get out and ride or walk each day. This encourages team members to wrap up projects efficiently before the ride and we come back refreshed to attack projects after the ride. One of the nice side effects is that we also have great conversations and breakthrough ideas during the ride. It is also a great time to get to know the team outside the office environment. It is an important part of our day that we look forward to. We will see what winter brings… 🙂

‘It’s not about the bike,’ get on your klunker, kruiser, banana seat single gear, mountain bike, or road bike, put on your brain bucket (helmet) and get some fresh air on those trails! It is a great time to break away, socialize, and clear your mind. There’s science behind it!

Join us on the FDL Loop and get 15 minutes of biking (or walking) in 2x a day and / or commute to work.

Need that bike tuned up? We have 2 awesome local bike shops that are ready to get you on the trails:

Attitude Sports
Fond du Lac Cyclery

Get those wheels rolling – see you on the trails!

P.S. If you are on STRAVA, join the #BikeBreak ‘club’: https://www.strava.com/clubs/bikebreak