wisnet.com embraces an era of evolution

Like many businesses out there, evolution is a common term in the website development industry. Every day, technology takes an unexpected turn. This includes industry standards and innovation, but it also includes internal aspects of the company like keeping employees happy and motivated, ensuring that you attract the best of the best employees. wisnet.com has committed to these standards from Day 1.

We have always prided ourselves on ensuring that we are doing what is best for our customers and employees. This comes in the form of the changes we make every day to adapt to the needs of the people most important to us. It has been a crazy couple of years for wisnet.com. When I started working here nearly 7 years ago, I sat in a small office with just 3 others: Rick, Brian, and Julie. Today I sit in a much larger office crammed to capacity with 15 other people. While that may not seem like that large of a change, each new employee has completely changed the way we do things.

It wasn’t until recently that we started to really embrace the evolution we have had since wisnet.com began 17 years ago. It was also very recently that we realized, we aren’t alone. There are hundreds of companies that have gone through exactly what we have. There is so much to be learned and to teach one another.

We’ve decided that it may be helpful and fun to share this adventure with our friends, families, and people we do business with every day. We will begin writing about the changes we are making and honestly analyzing which ones have been successful and which ones have failed. We want to share what we have learned with those around us.

So sit back, kick up your feet, and enjoy reading as we move wisnet.com even further into the next generation.