Where does your team hang out?

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At wisnet, our café is definitely a hotspot – breakfasts to charge up for the day, team lunches, and anytime break central.

We’ve done our best to create an experience that inspires while making them feel welcome and truly at home here. Our Markey digital signage tool has always been a part of that effort with an HDTV in the corner to broadcast announcements, fun outings, team challenges, important reminders, silly memes, and the list goes on.

While we love what that display brings to our space and making our culture visual, there’s a lot competing for their attention there. So, we thought a bit harder about where our team hangs out… Other than their desks, the next logical observation was the coffee station. So, we decided to act and add something a bit more dynamic. Leveraging our Markey digital signage app and a simple Lenovo tablet (and Amazon Echo compatible docking station). Viola! We’ve now created an engaging channel for communicating directly to any team members looking to caffeinate and simultaneously fill up with culture-building and team-building messages.

Here’s a before and after:


Interested in bringing Markey digital signage to your coffee station and/or work life? Let’s chat!