Two Unique Segments

Last June, Gina introduced you to the two new segments of

To review, the talented individuals that make up the team are split into two categories, wisnetCreative and wisnetLogic. The first group consists of our Designers, Front-End Developers, and Account Managers. They are the heart and soul who represent your brand, your company image, and everything in between. The second group consists of experienced, talented programmers. The wisnetLogic team works on Internet applications. They create online “software as a service” (SaaS), automate and streamline processes, and manage integrated databases. Internet application development can constantly evolve, and the wisnetLogic team works closely with clients to continuously refine and enhance their online services.

So where exactly did the idea to establish two unique segments come from? Both and technology have grown over the years. With growth comes change. Adjusting to this change has allowed us to develop expertise in many different areas of marketing, websites, and application development. We understand that these needs will continue to grow and transform. Splitting into two groups allows us to best tailor our skill set to your needs, both present and future.