Top 5 New Features in Outlook 2010

Microsoft has released the new Outlook 2010, and it is loaded with new features and improvements that will make managing your email, calendar, and social connections a breeze. Try out the interactive tour and see what’s new!

  1. Multiple Accounts
    Now you can send and receive through multiple accounts including Hotmail, Gmail, or just about any provider. It even supports multiple Exchange accounts.
  2. Easy Scheduling
    With just one click, schedule a meeting based on the email that you are viewing. Sharing calendars and requesting a shared calendar are simple tasks with new collaboration options. You can compare busy/free times at a glance with the new Schedule View that displays multiple calendars horizontally.
  3. Conversation View
    Easily structure your overwhelming inbox into categories and subject based email chains. With one click, you can review all the emails, whether sent or received, on any subject topic.
  4. Social Network Connections
    You can stop switching between a ton of different social networking clients and websites. Outlook can now be connected directly to multiple social accounts, including Facebook and LinkedIn.
  5. User Summaries
    By clicking on the picture or icon of a user from within an email, you can rapidly review emails and attachments that they have sent you and meetings they have with you.