A Profile for Today’s Social Savvy Professional

In today’s social marketplace consumers want to know who you are before making any purchasing decisions. Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook; about.me takes it one step further – instead of the 99% to 1% ratio of content versus your photograph, they flip it entirely, showcasing one LARGE photograph of you with a just enough room for a bio. Plus, it’s a grandiose introduction to you (physically) while visitors can quickly scan your networks to see more social activity. Our beloved photographer Brian was our first guinea pig. After viewing his profile you can see why this will work with other professionals such as speakers, business owners, account executives, and staff members who interact with clients. Keep reading to find out a little more about.me.

A business card for a social savvy professional…

About.me was created to pool together multiple online profiles, scattered across various services, including Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr and Twitter; into a single on-line identity. The only other option would be to google the person – which is time-consuming. The about.me profile can be considered an attractive virtual business card for professionals.

Go ahead and reserve your username on about.me today!

To get started, go to about.me, and reserve your desired username. Once the account is ready (which might take a month) you will be notified via email. It takes approximately two hours to perfect a profile when adding a bio and connecting to social networks. Plus, spend some time and make sure to have a good photograph!


Professionals looking to ‘introduce’ themselves (with a mugshot!) will be interested in about.me. Our only recommendation is to hire a professional photographer for the colossus photograph that is needed. Brian would be a good choice!