Timber Rattlers/Dock Spiders – Case Study

The Challenge

Timber Rattlers – to create a greater impact in the community and start to create a more significant buzz around the team.

Dock Spiders – to show Fond du Lac how the Dock Spiders can fit into the routine of the community and area.

Our Approach

Timber Rattlers – To continue to share the fun-loving style that fascinates children and allows adults to relax, unwind and laugh a little.

Dock Spiders – Capturing the anticipation of enjoying summer at a ballpark alongside the fishing, biking, hiking and 0ther outdoor area summer fun.

Final Results

A “Rattle Your Summer” campaign for the Timber Rattlers and a “New Spin on Summer” campaign for the Dock Spiders via web, social media, billboards and radio.