Our goal is always to help our clients stand out from the competition and let the world know who they are. When SCS Builders did the wisnet 5&5 Branding Exercise, it became very clear who they were and just how unique they were. Through this process, we renamed the company, designed a new logo and created their first website to promote the two primary services they offer: carpentry and concrete services.

The name change to “Side x Side” was a perfect outcome from our discovery process:

  • It reflects their services but also the business focus on teamwork, collaborative talents, and no matter your title – everybody gets their hands dirty.
  • The surprise was that a carpentry and cement company are experts on more than carpentry and cement. The company prides itself on understanding the big picture of every project they work on and how what they do is the foundation for every other part of the construction.
  • Their expanded service approach made “Side x Side” a true reflection of who they are.

This new, responsive website highlights the importance they put on working together and showcases their completed projects. At “Side x Side” teamwork works. It was very evident when wisnet worked with them, too.

If you’re looking for one company to handle your concrete and construction projects, give them a call!