Pinteresting Stuff for Your Business

Previously I shared with you what Pinterest is. It’s visual, very easy to use and quite frankly, addictive! Now I’m sharing with you how your business could benefit using Pinterest.

Pinterest offers a range of ways to market your company to a new audience. The goal is to gain brand recognition, drive traffic to your website and be successful at converting the new visits into leads.

Utilizing Pinterest is a great way to test initial interest and response on a topic or idea. Share with the groups of pinners to get your product, service, or idea out to the right audience for the initial feedback that could help make your goods great!

One company embracing social media and sharing relevant content to their customers (existing and potential), is Drexel Incorporated. Their portfolio is visually appealing and proves that they may not offer artsy products, but they have found a strategy that works for their line of business. They are able to anticipate what will draw people to pin or re-pin their line of products.

All posted images contain backlinks to the original site, which is great for SEO. You’re also showing your customers and potential clients the value you’re providing them.

So far I’ve covered the basics of Pinterest, and how your business can benefit by using Pinterest. Coming soon I’ll be sharing how you can add the ‘Pin It’ button to your website. Stay tuned!