No more work deadlines!

We’ve decided to get rid of deadlines.

No, that doesn’t mean we will never complete another project – we’re simply going to be replacing the word “deadline” with “finish line.”

What does “finish line” mean and why are we adopting it?

It’s just another one of the small tweaks that we’re going to be implementing to make projects a more enjoyable and successful experience for our team and our clients. Finish line has a much more upbeat and positive tone than deadline. We want our team to be excited about the projects we are working on and to be excited to complete them.

We love to celebrate all things big and small at wisnet (did anyone else celebrate National Meatball Day??) and I could see us adding finish line celebrations to our project outlines. It’s a great way for us, as a team, to celebrate accomplishments and for our clients to be excited about their completed project.

If you’d like help reaching the finish line with a project let us know.

We’d love to celebrate with you at the end.