In Case Disaster Strikes

I’m talking about disasters like Burger King’s Twitter account being hacked. This is something that we should have more control over.

As bad as things were for Burger King, they were lucky. The hackers jokingly wrote that Burger King was sold to a rival company. Could you imagine if their account landed in the wrong hands? The hackers could have done some real damage to the company.

Fortunately for Burger King, the only thing they’ll suffer from is a little bit of embarrassment, and stand as a lesson to the rest of us who use social media. I’m sure they’ve learned an important lesson- you should always have a “plan of attack”. (However, the same cannot be said for those in charge of overseeing the Twitter account.)

  • Have a procedure in place “just in case” someone hacks into your social media accounts. Know what steps to take to report the breach of security before it happens.
  • Change your passwords. I can’t stress this enough! Change them often, more often than often. Make them random and obscure. You cannot go wrong with the maximum amount of numbers, letters, and symbols.
  • Mobile Phones… they can be left, forgotten, lost, stolen. Be sure that corporate accounts are password protected. (So if you accidentally leave your phone at Burger King, your account will be safe.)
  • If you have an employee leaving your company, change the password.