If we plant it, will it grow?

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About this time last year, wisnet was lucky enough to become the owners of an LGarden. It wasn’t until this year that we kicked ourselves in gear and purchased the soil, seeds, and plants and started planting. We were intrigued to see if our true “green thumbs” would yield an actual harvest.

For our first go-round (May 25, 2018), we planted Power Greens, carrots, celery, onions, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, radishes and salad onions. In the hanging trays, we planted an array of flowers.

Now, a month later, we harvested our radishes and started on the Power greens. Everything else we planted is flourishing. We are on a roll!

The greatest advantage besides the healthy treats for the office, is being able to garden standing up! No aching back or knees here! And, the little bit of upkeep/maintenance makes for a nice refreshing break away from our desks and computer screens.

Stay tuned for more about our LGarden as we continue our green-thumbery at the geeks & creatives office.

P.S. Check out this great LGarden website. I wonder who designed it? 😉