How To Remove Personal Profiles from Facebook Pages Permanently

Changing ownership on Facebook was a real hassle back in the days – actually, it wasn’t possible for a while. Usually, an employee would create the Page under their personal profile. When they left the company the page went with them, leaving business owners with the hassle of rebuilding their fan base. Then Facebook provided the option to transfer ownership from one personal profile to the next – and this was a major improvement. Still, there were issues and not all the features were available for Pages. To remedy the problems we are going to explain how to transfer a page to it’s own login and password… making personal account access history! Stick around as we walk you through the process.

Messages, favorites, and Insights…

When a Facebook Page was created using a personal profile a few issues transpired. Sometimes, administrators would accidently send messages to Fans using the personal account. Most didn’t realize this until after the message was sent.

Then there was a problem where it was not possible to ‘Favorite Pages’ for a Page – it would end up in the personal account. What was even weirder was that some how a few were ‘favorited’ on the Page but there was no way to remove them.

Lastly, we found that adding Facebook Insights to your website was impossible unless the original creator of the Page was involved in the process. Well, to tell the truth, we haven’t tested it to see if setting up Insights is any easier, but we’re assuming it will be when the primary personal account has been removed.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create an email…

First, create (or find) a new email account that hasn’t been used with any other Facebook profiles or pages. Test the email to make sure it works before proceeding!

Step 2: Create a business account…

Go to How-to Guide to Create a Facebook Fan Page and follow steps 1 through 11 to create a business profile. For now, create a fictitious company (we will delete it later). Then proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Before it gets confusing…

Okay, before we get to far ahead, open up two different browsers. It can be IE and Firefox, Chrome and Safari; mix-and-match – you’re choice. Log into the personal account with one browser and the business profile with the other.

Step 4: Adding an administrator…

After logging into the personal profile go to the Facebook Page and click Edit Page.

Step 5: Basic Information…

This will lead you to the Basic Information tab, click Manage Admins.

Step 6: Add the new email address…

On step 1 we had you create a new email address, enter it here to create a new administrator.

Add a new Facebook Page administrator with the new email address we created in Step 1.

Step 7: Save changes…

A modal box will appear. Click the blue button that says Save Changes.

Click Save Changes on the modal box that appears.

Step 8: Let’s double-check our work…

Open up the other browser and log into the business profile that we created on Step 2.

Log into the business profile within a different browser.

Step 9: What do you see?

If you see the Facebook Page along, with the fictitious account, you are on track!

If the Facebook Page appears you now have admin rights.

Alright, it’s clean up time!

The next steps will include removing the fictitious account and personal administrators.

Step 10: Removing the fictitious business profile…

We’ve seen many profiles disabled because of glitches or content violating Facebook’s policies. I would believe it’s in your best interest to remove this profile. Click Edit Page next to the bogus profile.

Click Edit Page to remove the fictitious profile.

Step 11: Manage permissions…

Then click Manage Permissions from the control panel.

Click Manage Permissions to proceed.

Step 12: Permanently delete the page…

From the Manage Permissions page click Permanently delete this Page.

Permanently delete the page to remove it.

Step 13: Delete Page?

Double-check! Make sure you’re not deleting the official Page! When ready, click Delete.

Click Delete to remove the Page.

Great job! What’s next?

Now it’s time to delete the other administrators. Remember, we’re removing the personal accounts. Go back to the other browser, the one where you are logged into the personal account.

Step 14: Remove admins…

If you’re not already there, go to Manage Admins. Once there, click Remove to the right of the personal profiles.

Remove the personal profiles.

Step 15: Save changes…

After clicking remove you will notice that the personal profiles lighten up. It is indicating these are the items that will be removed. Click Save Changes.

Click Save Changes to remove the personal profiles.


Now that the Facebook Page is not connected to any personal accounts you do not have to fret about employees walking away with your fan base. In addition, there will be less confusion between a personal profile and business Page.

Congratulations, you have successfully removed all personal profiles from your Facebook Page.

Now, when adding a page to our Favorites…

Add to My Page’s Favorite’ appearing under the logo on the Facebook Page.

…it appears on our Facebook Page.

A favorite has been added to our business page.

Good luck with your social media campaign! Share your comments below.