How-to Guide to Create a Company Facebook Page

Over 600 million people across the world are using Facebook to connect to family and friends. It has become the #1 online destination surpassing time spent on all of Google’s products combined. For a long time, businesses have known the importance of being ranked well on search engines. Now they are interested in reaching out and being noticed via a different method: social marketing. Businesses have created Facebook Pages to do just that. If you haven’t considered Facebook, now might be the time. We have created a tutorial on setting up your first Facebook Page for your company.

Step 1: Log out…

First, make sure you are logged out of your personal profile. Yes, Facebook Pages can be created via a personal profile, but a few features will be missing – including the ability to select Fans as guests when creating events. In addition, if an employee creates the Page using their personal profile, they will take all your fans with them when they depart from the company.

Step 2: Click Create a Page…

Visit to get started. Towards the bottom right click Create a Page.

When visiting Facebook, look for the Create a Page link below the SIGN UP button.

Step 3: Choose the Type of Business…

Select a category that most represents your business or organization.

On the next screen, it will introduce a few options for categorizing your company. You might be confused between choosing Local Business, Company, and Brand or Product. The category of ‘Company, Organization or Institution’ refers to a large company or franchise. Ford Mustang would be a brand or product. It’s one of many products that Ford Motor Company makes. Most small businesses will choose from ‘Local business or Place’. If you feel that one of your products is worthy of it’s own Facebook Page, than go right ahead.

Step 4: Choose a Business Category …

When Local Business or Place is checked, a drop-down menu will appear with additional items to sub-categorize your company. Choose wisely because you might not be able to change it once the Facebook Page has been created. Fill in all the fields. The Company Name field will be the name of your Facebook Page. Then click GET STARTED.

Step 5: Security Check…

Enter the security words that you see displayed on the screen. Then click SUBMIT.

Step 6: Create a Facebook Account…

On the Create a Facebook Account page, it is very important to check I do not have a Facebook account. Remember, this is to prevent employees from running off with the Page when they depart or retire from your company. Plus, it will come in handy if ownership of the company changes.

Fill in a valid email address, password, birthday, and the words spelled out in the Security Check window. Then check I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy followed by clicking Sign up Now!

Check ‘I do not have a Facebook account’ for best practice.

Step 7: Confirm your email address…

Thanks for signing up for Facebook! The next step will require you to confirm your email. Go to your inbox and find the email that was sent.

Go to your inbox to receive the confirmation email.

Step 8: The email…

The email will look like the following screenshot. Click on the link Facebook provided.

Click on the confirmation link in your email to complete your sign up.

Step 9: Your Very Own Company Page!

Congratulations! You now have setup your own company Facebook page. It will need some tweaking. Upload an image, logo or photo. Click on the ‘Edit Info’ link near the top of the page and add basic information such as a business address, company website address, hours of operation, and a short description. Before proceeding, click the Wall tab to see how the Page will appear to your visitors.

Click the Wall tab to see how the Facebook Page will appear to your visitors.

Step 10: The basic skeleton of a Facebook Page…

Quite plain, wouldn’t you think? We recommend branding the page with a logo and adding company information. Go back to the Get Started tab to start modifying the page.

What the Wall tab looks like right after the Facebook Page has been created.

Step 11: Tweak Your Settings…

Click on ‘Settings’ in the top blue bar. Here you can update your name, password, email address, add a security question and set your privacy settings. Now is a good time to get familiar with these items and change any settings. It is recommended to have Facebook use a secure browser.

This is the Settings screen with options to change privacy, password and other options.

Step 12: Now What?…

Now it’s time to post an entry. Tell friends and colleagues to come and visit your page and click the ‘LIKE’ button. After 20 people have ‘Liked’ your page you can obtain a Vanity URL for your Facebook page (ie:

Many books are written about Facebook. In addition, there are many online tutorials that provide tips on enhancing a Facebook Page. Plus, it is recommended to look at some other Pages to get ideas. Here are a couple companies that take full advantage of all the features available.

Jet Stream Car Wash’s Welcome Page promotes their top 3 services.
ClientWhys’ Facebook Page touches upon some of their services with links to their website.
Tru-Fire’s Facebook page uses images to entice visitors to learn more about their company’s products.


Creating a Company Facebook Page is the start of your social marketing adventure. After you feel comfortable with the look and feel, the next step is to go out and find fans. Promote it on your website with a Like Box along with a link back to the page. Social marketing means you interact with your fans. This could include providing resourceful information, coupons, video, photographs, or starting a discussion within your Facebook Page. To be more successful, search for resources and subscribe to websites that provide tips on social marketing. Good luck!