Google Updates G Suite Pricing

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First, it was Amazon Prime, raising their annual subscription price from $99 to $119. And now, the latest is Netflix, raising all packages by $2. And starting April 2, 2019, Google Apps for Business.

You may think that Google has enough money, so why increase? Well, as with all the services we love to use, eventually we knew that the day would come when the price will go up. The bright side is that Google is only raising the cost per account by $1 for Basic Edition users and $2 per account for Business Edition users.

Here is a little more from Google on the reason for the increase:

“We introduced the original version of G Suite, including Gmail and Google Calendar, more than 10 years ago. Since then, we’ve added more than a dozen new G Suite services, including real-time collaboration (Docs, Sheets, Slides) and flexible storage (Drive), powerful video conferencing (Hangouts Meet), secure team messaging (Hangouts Chat) and enterprise-grade search capabilities (Cloud Search). We’ve also infused our products with advanced artificial intelligence to make it easier to respond to emailsgather insights from data and protect against phishing attacks before they happen.”

Rest assured that you will continue to receive outstanding support and robust spam blocking with your Google account. From little to no downtime and ease of use, those that have been in the Google Apps platform for some time, would likely agree that paying the extra $1 per account per month is well worth it.

And if you are not currently a Google Apps for Business user, now is your chance to dive in and join in with the rest of us Google App users. Plus, for no additional cost, when you become a Google Apps user through wisnet you’ll receive live support from your team of geeks & creatives. Once you switch, you will wonder why you didn’t switch sooner!