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How To: Uploading Photos to Picasa Web Album

Today’s modern websites aren’t built on one technology; they’re mashed together to create a product that can accomplish more – without the extra development expense. For example, when adding a photograph to Picasa, it could automatically post to your blog, website, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, Picasa is built to manage and edit photos. Have red-eye? No problem, Picasa has a solution. Since Picasa is free, take advantage of it's great tools. This article will explain how to get initial photos uploaded and sorted into a proper album – which is one step closer to having them appear on your website. Here are the simple steps to do just that!

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to http://picasaweb.google.com and sign in with your Google account. (If you have Gmail, you can use that login and password to access the site.) If not, click Create One and follow the steps to get a login and password. Once completed, you will enter your main page, also known as the gallery. It is here where your photo albums are stored.

Sign into Google to access Picassa Web Albums.

Step 2: Start by creating an album…

Click the Upload button to create an album and add photos to it.

Once logged in, click Upload to upload the first image.

Step 3: Giving the new album a name…

Under "edit album information", give the album a name along with a short description. The short description will help search engines properly index the album.

Provide details about the album by adding a Title and Description.

Step 4: Make the album public…

Under the 'share' option, make sure it is set for Public On the Web. If the album isn’t public, it will not appear on your website. Click Save Changes when finished.

Make sure to set the album to ‘Public on the web’.

Step 5: Select photos to upload…

Now we can start uploading photos to the album. Go ahead and click Browse.

Click ‘Browse’ to search for photos.

Step 6: Find the photos…

We are hoping you have success finding the photos on your computer. Because the photos can be anywhere, we decided not to elaborate on where they could be. I’ll admit, there are times I can’t find what I’m looking for on my computer! Once the photo is found, click it to highlight it and then select Open.

What it will look like when searching for photos on Windows 7.

Step 7: Start uploading…

The directory location of the picture you select will appear in the text box. Now would be the time to browse for other photographs. When completed, click Start Upload.

Click ‘Start Upload’ to upload the photographs to Picasa.


Great job! A photograph has been uploaded to your album! Now, let’s add a description so search engines can index the photograph properly. Go ahead and click on the photo.

Success! A photograph has been uploaded.

Step 8: Add a Caption

Click Add a Caption

Click ‘Add a Caption’ to describe the photograph.

Step 9: Describe the photograph…

After clicking ‘Add a Caption’, a text box will appear. Here you can write a short paragraph, phrase, or a full description (512 characters maximum) describing the photograph. When finished, click Save Caption.

The text box has room for 512 alphanumeric characters.

That’s it!

Good job!

A word about storage capacity....

Picasa Web Albums provide 1 GB of free storage space available for all your photos and albums when you start. This should be enough for a decent sized website. However, you can purchase more directly from Google if you need to. Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/PurchaseStorage?hl=en_US to view their pricing packages.


Using Picasa Web Albums, we can feed the photographs to your website, blog, and social networks, such as Facebook. Think of it as a one-stop shop to manage photographs for your company - there is no need for double entry. In addition to saving time, it will boost your presence online by keeping Facebook and your blog immersed in new content. Today’s modern websites are built around more than one technology, and Picasa can make your website and marketing more impressive. Good uploading!

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