Your website is your brand.


Wow, is that a revolutionary statement!

You have a business, which means you have to have a website. And of course you have to have a name on your company business cards, and a logo, too. No brainers. But too often a company’s website is just as much a cookie-cutter as a business card. Your website logo is just your company’s name in Arial… because that was the font at the top of the font list. The content is a long monologue from your brochure that is as exciting as reading the phonebook. You picked a template from some site on the web and had your fifteen year old nephew put it together for you. And you are DONE!

Sadly, your business website is now just like every other website.

But if you think about your website as being your company’s identity and personality, and the primary way you can separate your business from everyone else, your website needs to be more than a template. It needs to be your brand.

At, we work with you to discover your brand. It’s more than Arial and your picture. We will ask you questions and talk about “who you are” and how you satisfy what the “market wants.” We narrow your brand down to five words that differentiate you from every other business. We bring all that to life on your website and show you how your brand can live beyond the Internet.

We make your website work for you, and we can also make it easy for you to talk to your customers through your site on a one-to-one basis. Give us a call at (920) 322-9522 or visit But don’t forget to thank your nephew for offering to help.