Your Site Should Dress to Impress

Do you wear the same clothes day after day after day? If you did, most people would think you don’t really care about how you look. (We won’t get into the whole hygiene aspect… this is just a metaphor, so let’s run with it.) Your website is just like the image you present of yourself. If you have done nothing new for your site lately, what does that say about your company? Do you want viewers to think you don’t care about your image?

How often you add new content, participate in social networking or add new images, communicates the idea that you want to interact with your clients or web viewers. Ignoring your website to the point that viewers feel it’s the same old same old means you are indifferent. It also means there is very little chance visitors will return to your site again.
Changing your site doesn’t take much time. Doing this makes viewers think you are a vital and thriving business. Your company really does see the importance of having interaction with your viewers.

It’s Spring! It’s time to look at your website style, and look closely. Your site should dress to impress.