XML Sitemaps – Google’s Grocery List

September 8, 2009

Oh my, what in the world is an XML sitemap? This is probably what you are thinking. Don’t worry, I will just tell you why it’s important.

Google is impatient…

Google doesn’t have time to go to your homepage of your website, look through all the text and code, find a link, go to that link, find more links, read all the content, find more links… geez Louise, Google has a billion other websites to check out today! It’s going to decide if it wants to stay, come back maybe a month later, or not come back at all.

XML formatted so Google can interpret the data.

A grocery list for Google…

The XML sitemap is just a list of webpages that you want Google to read… just like the grocery list that you take to the store… a simple piece of paper with all the important items listed.


You’re making Google’s job easier. With the XML sitemap, or Google’s grocery list, it will know exactly which pages to read. If your pages aren’t found then they won’t show on the search engines.


Besides Google, wisnet.com can submit your XML Sitemap to other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN.