wisnet.com welcomes Samaritan Family Wellness!

Samaritanfamilywellness.org is a site that offers services for individuals and families needing guidance in making positive changes in their lives or working though daily life challenges. Located in Glendale, WI, they have several licensed therapists available to help those who are hurting or need direction in life. The website is designed so that visitors can find out more about them and the kinds of help they can provide.

They offer a program called “Living Compass” which can be conducted one-on-one or in small groups in collaboration with YMCA’s throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Interested visitors on the website can take a self-assessment and find out more about the program through the Living Compass link. Under “Classes”, there is a schedule and a list of places where they will be held. Weekly Words of Wellness is a free newsletter that provides insight and wisdom for everyday living and can be subscribed to for email delivery.

Visitors can post feedback to receive more information about classes and Living Compass programs, contact a therapist directly, and view a handy map to find their office. It is a simple, easy-to-follow site that helps those in the Milwaukee area explore the ways Samaritan Family Wellness can support and empower its families and individuals.

Visit samaritanfamilywellness.org to explore their new website!