wisnet.com welcomes Finding Forward Coalition

The Finding Forward Coalition of Wisconsin is a group of statewide associations representing a broad range of interests that have come forward to support safeguarding transportation user fees from being used with non-related projects. Their website seeks to educate visitors and communicate with them about this important topic.

The main home page spells out the coalition’s purpose and stance on how they feel transportation fees should be handled. There are links to related news and press releases, frequently asked questions, and to a ‘media room’ where visitors can find contact information and a map of the states where transportation fees are only used for transportation-related projects.

To contact a member of the coalition for more information, a visitor can click a link to enter their external website. Likewise, they can sign up for the group’s newsletter or subscribe to their RSS feed to get updated news as it happens. There are links to Facebook and Twitter so visitors can keep tabs while on the go, while a link to Youtube enables them to watch videos of news stories as they are posted. This site is a great example of how a non-profit organization can utilize social media to spread their message simply and effectively!

Check it out! www.findingforwardwisconsing.org
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