Why isn’t my video auto-playing?

For those of you with video backgrounds on your website, you may have just realized that the video is no longer playing automatically when in the web browser Google Chrome. What on earth!? So now you may be thinking, “Did I break something?”

Rest assured, you did not break anything, at least that we know of. Google Chrome recently released an update to their browser that turns video autoplay off unless your site meets specific requirements for media engagement.

I will admit, when we first read of this update, we freaked a little! What were we going to do to get sites these working correctly again?! Thankfully, we found it to be an easy fix thanks to our dedicated programmers and developers. They jumped right in and applied the fix which basically tells Chrome, “Hey, it’s cool. This video is muted so it’s not annoying.”


Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels