When Is the Right Time?

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Don’t wait.

Show the world some love – you can make a difference today. Do you have something to give: A helping hand, a simple act of kindness, your time, or talents. What are you waiting for?

“Not everyday is going to offer us a chance to save someone’s life. But, everyday offers us an opportunity to affect one.”

– Mark Bezos | Volunteer firefighter & past TEDx Speaker 

It’ll be 4 minutes and 40 seconds well spent.

“Don’t wait to be a hero. Give now.” Sources: NPR TED RADIO HOUR & TED

One for One: Share Your Giving Story – Get Some Swag.

Stubbornly Optimistic is an energy and attitude that can make a difference in one’s life, in relationships, and in a community. This is exactly why we love seeing individuals and the community embrace and spread this positive, pride movement. Frankly, it’s not about a t-shirt. It’s about fostering a deeper connection to Fond du Lac, building stronger relationships with the amazing people here, and igniting engaging conversations to discuss why we’re truly #StubbornlyOptimistic about all the awesome things happening now AND in the future.

Your turn to spread some love. Show the universe how #StubbornlyOptimistic you are about making a difference in someone’s life and/or in our community.


Today – Valentine’s day – through the end of the month (2/14 – 2/28), we’ll celebrate ANYONE who is able to win our hearts with their giving story and/or act of kindness.

Post to Facebook – tagging #StubbornlyOptimistic – with a written post and photo/video to receive your choice of FREE Stubbornly Optimistic swag*. If/when you capture our hearts with your giving post, we’ll reach out to coordinate your swag selection and pickup!

It’s easy really. Don’t overthink it. Here are some examples to get some ideas flowing:


* Eligible submissions must feature a reasonable length written post or photo/video. Winning posts will be determined at the discretion of the wisnet team. Limit 1 free item per person in this promotional period (2/14/17 – 2/28/17).

Limited to available inventory of t-shirts, ladies long sleeves, canvas totes, coffee mugs or decal stickers – unless your name is Sarah and you own everything we’ve produced to date (which is an awesome thing btw). Additionally, please note these free items will not be eligible for shipping. Pick-up of swag is the responsibility of the winning recipient(s).