What? You don’t have individual voice-mail?

wisnet.com is reducing the impact of an older technology that has been causing inefficiencies for us and for our clients. VOICE-MAIL.

Customer: Can I have (name)’s voice-mail?

wisnet.com: We have a central (or team) voice-mail box so our team can collectively respond to messages more efficiently. Can I send (name) a message on your behalf, or can I help you with your request?

When you make a phone call, you typically don’t hope to get voice-mail. You actually want to talk with someone directly, or you would have sent an email or text mesage in the first place. Voice-mail messages are usually “call me back when you are available.”

Eliminating individual voice-mail during business hours has many benefits:

  • Most callers don’t like voice-mail
  • More personal – we are able to gather more info and help reduce the ‘phone-tag’ game – it was fun in the 90’s, but not anymore
  • We may be able to assign your request (or call) to another team member (maybe even a more appropriate team member) for immediate response. Many of our voice-mails have had calls returned, only to be redirected to the person that answered the call initially, or to a team member that can more efficiently handle your request
  • If it is urgent, we can make sure that your request is addressed immediately
  • If we send an email message on your behalf, your message will be discovered sooner
  • Having this email message gets the request on the ‘to-do’ list of the person who can help you

After hours voice-mails are all incorporated into one team / central box that can be easily monitored and dispersed (emailed) to the appropriate team member(s) for faster, more accurate responses.

Next time you call us during business hours, you won’t be getting our voice-mail, you will be getting your website development team!