What to do when your Facebook profile is disabled.

We ran into an issue where our Facebook profile was suspended. In addition, it disabled our Facebook Fan Page. Maybe it was an April Fool’s joke but it happened just after we wrote an article about Fan Page Vanity URLs, which directed our visitors to view our fan page. Now that we figured out how to resolve the problem we have a solution… along with an apology from Facebook.

How do I know if your Facebook account is disabled?
Unfortunately I do not have a screen shot of what it will look like when an account is disabled. We weren’t planning on writing an article about it at the time. If it does get disabled you will know right away after logging in.

Fill out the ‘My Personal Profile was Disabled’ form…
The directions to resolve the issue aren’t so helpful. Digging deeper into the support section of Facebook you will find the following URL: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=disabled. Fill in the information as requested and then click Submit.

Wait patiently for an email from Facebook…
Facebook will send an automated email to confirm that you are the owner. You will need to reply using the email address that is on your Facebook account.

Note: This is the email address on your personal profile, not your Facebook Fan Page.

If you accidently reply with an email address that is not on your account you will receive this message. It might be 24 hours before you receive this email so make sure you are replying from the correct email address.

And the apology…
Facebook is not going to apologize if you are doing something wrong. In our case they apologized for mistakenly suspending our account due to their site security system. I have a feeling this was an automated email and not from a real human being but we are pleased our Fan Page is back up and running. Plus, a 24-hour turnaround to resolve our issue was pretty impressive for a company that deals with over 400 million clients.

It was quite frustrating to have our Facebook Fan Page disabled but we have to give Facebook credit for getting it back up and running within about 24 hours. Now that it’s working again feel free to visit our fan page at www.facebook.com/wisnet.