What should I do?

Being an intern at wisnet is amazing, but certainly doesn’t come without challenges. Not being the most skilled in technology poses a problem for me at wisnet. However, working with the Customer Care team shows that communication is a field where all innovative thinking is welcome. Creativity is never right or wrong, everyone has different ideas to bring to the table.

We all understand that everyone is different, and has different views and opinions, which makes our team unique. After all, wisnet is not a group of geeks & creatives just for show. We all actively try to become better leaders, thinkers and learners every day. That’s why I choose wisnet. We are all different, and when everyone comes together, there is no judgement. No question is a dumb question, just like no answer is the wrong answer, and I have come to learn that it is better to ask too many questions than not enough, especially in the business world.

That being said, it’s no surprise that the academic world is vastly different than the business world, though I never really understood how different until I joined wisnet. I have been told by my parents, colleagues and professors that there are still deadlines and assignments, which I understand are everywhere, not just in school. Here, people have projects to work on, and there is no assignment list. The team just happens to know what they need to work on, and everyone works well together to get the project done.

Overall my experience at wisnet has been life-changing to say the least (it really has, I’m not just saying that). When I think back to sophomore year when I was choosing what internships to complete, many people told me to just get an internship on campus, it’s easier. I was a bit stunned when I heard this. I didn’t want easier, I wanted challenging. I wanted to experience both an internship at school and in the community. The way I see it, the more experience a person has the better off they will be. I would much rather have too much experience than too little experience, especially when I graduate next May.