What is this coworking thing?

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OK, here’s the dream – Have you ever wanted a cool place where you can share ideas, grab an awesome burger or wrap, have a beverage, learn, mentor, do yoga, eat yogurt, get some work done, invent the next great product, or just hang out?
Well, we do to!

The HUB (codename) is a coworking space concept being created to inspire, energize, attract & retain awesome brain power, and to be a starting hub to explore all the great opportunities, businesses, and services that the Fond du Lac area has to offer.

The geeks & creatives at wisnet are always on the lookout for new and used ideas that can enhance our office culture. Culture is all the little things that make an environment enjoyable and productive and, of course, a strong and collaborative culture is important for all corporations and businesses and their teams.

We have some wild and crazy ideas for the space and for driving an engaging culture (some are even realistic) (:

Here are just a few of the brainstorming ideas (in no particular order):

  • Food and Beverage available
  • High Speed WIFI
  • Sit / Stand office space desks
  • Large work surfaces for team projects
  • Stage for presentations, seminars, and bands
  • Shared office equipment (printers, drones, and a red stapler)
  • Private conference rooms
  • Bicycle friendly
  • Small commercial kitchen
  • Awesome HUB Burger and HUB Wrap
  • Coffee – AKA survival juice
  • Drive through
  • Lazy river
  • Micro Brewery (at least on tap – for now)
  • Locally sourced pizzas
  • Learn – Connect – Grow opportunities
  • Regular Educations venus – speakers, seminars, learning experiences
    Starting point to get involved in other organizations in the area
  • Fitness / Yoga events
So, who can benefit from a coworking space?

Glad you Asked.

Freelancers – this can be your home away from home, or your office away from office.
Corporations / Businesses – meeting spaces and an area where their team members can ‘get out of the office’ and still be productive
Startups – a great place to work and tap into the instant network of knowledge
Anyone – who wants an environment that has an extra kick of energy they can call their own

Our goal is to make this a place that we look forward to coming to. And our hope is that we take ideas and conversation from the HUB and use them in other aspects of your life (both work and home).

Now you know what the dream is. Who wants to help make it real?

3 calls to action – I know it is a lot – but you can do it… (:

  • Check out our brainstorm page!
  • Be inspired and share through ideas at https://www.facebook.com/hubfdl/
  • Join us during Wisconsin Startup Week, Tuesday November 7, 2017 at Urban Fuel in Peebles as a test run of a coworking space and to help us brainstorm coworking for our community. This is our next step in building the coworking community which will help us define and build our coworking space.