What is it going to cost?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about How long does a new website take? While this is definitely a very common question, typically the first question I get is What is it going to cost? It’s that question that you never feel comfortable answering on the spot. Mostly because until we become familiar with your expectations and outline, we honestly don’t know what it is going to take to accomplish what you are looking for. So what ‘research’ or ‘factors’ attribute to What is it going to Cost?

But let me start out by saying – wisnet is here to provide you VALUE out of your website. We want to ensure that whatever you put into your website, you see a ROI.

In simple terms, do you want the Lexus of websites or will the Chevy better appeal to your client base? Did you ever see that really cool website where things come in from every corner of the screen or a really awesome slideshow of your photos? Can wisnet do that – you bet! But we like to be up front with you that those things can add some time to the project. But hey – sometimes that’s what it takes to grab people’s attention in the initial 3 seconds.

The wisnet team pretty much rocks at coming up with amazing web applications. These are those systems that not only improve your processes within your company, but can also set the direction. Or maybe they even save you hours of getting information out to your employees (that’s what an intranet is for)? This isn’t something that comes off a shelf – our team is here to create something that achieves exactly what you are looking for. So you can imagine why it’s critical we put the time into properly outlining this before we provide you an estimate.

There are times when we have requests to get a website up within 2 weeks. Can it be done – you bet, but it definitely takes some more intensive investments of time today to achieve that.

Whatever the case may be, wisnet is here to become part of your team. We are here to work with you every step of the way to put together a package that will make provide you an abundance of value.

Do you already have an idea of what you would like to accomplish? Then it’s time to meet with wisnet to see how we can best shape that project and answer that underlying question of ‘What is it going to cost?’