What does the Facebook Timeline Mean to you?

We’ve heard a lot of accounts of people that just don’t “like” the Facebook changes lately. What is Facebook trying to accomplish by forcing these changes? It is time to embrace the change and analyze the benefits this change has to offer.

Instead of staging itself as a conversational forum, visitors now see the impact of your photos rather than the discussions that have taken place. So whether you have a large amount of interaction with your page or not, visitors to your page will be able to gain a sense for your brand even before they read the interactions with it.

The timeline is essentially designed to tell a story about your business or brand. Utilize the timeline to educate your consumers on milestones within your brand or company as well as promote longevity. These milestones on the old platform got lost on your wall relatively fast. Did you know that with the timeline you can now move old posts back to the top for a week? No more telling people to scroll down to find that information!

What’s also getting a welcomed change is the new Private Messages. Fans can now message their favorite brands. The Facebook Timeline changes have many benefits to any industry or business. It gives you the opportunity to identify your company in a visual manner and encourages brand recognition. Now is the time to explore your timeline and clearly identify what picture your prospective customers get when visiting it!