Website Concepts

Awesome! You’ve chosen for your website project. So how the heck does this process work?

After the research and planning phase of your project, the next step is design. The design phase is when we incorporate the strategic visual and technical elements that will best communicate your brand, value and call-to-action. We begin with the homepage design and present you with that concept. The home page allows you to get a good feel for the overall tone of the site. In return, you provide us with feedback on the design and we are able to make any adjustments accordingly. Once the home page concept is approved we move onto the inner page concepts. The inner page concepts are designed to resemble the overall look of the home page. Again, once we have the inner page concepts ready, we provide you with those concepts and you provide us feedback. We will work with you on all concepts until you get what you are looking for.

We present you with a link to the concepts. All of our design concepts are graphics only, not actual HTML webpages. The reason for this, is so we are able to work with you on changes and finalize designs for when they move onto the next phase. When you go to the concept link provided, you will see thumbnails with a description of what each thumbnail represents. Many times we will also include design notes and explanations for how or why we designed the way we did. We’ve found it to be beneficial to both of us if we explain the thoughts and ideas that went into the concepts. We also include drop down menu examples, hover effects and rollover effects so you have an idea of what we are planning for the finished product. Once you have approved all design concepts your website is moved onto the next stage to make it a live website.

Many of you have been through this process with us and for many of you it might be new. Either way, we hope you have a better understanding of how our design process works and if you start a project with us, what to expect.