RSS is a technology with a lot of potential to make businesses more productive by making communication easier and more relevant. Unfortunately, that potential has not been realized in the broader world and while RSS is good, it has not become great. We took a chance when we added RSS feeds to Noteworthy Webmail 2 years ago. It was a smart bet and we were right to make it. We’ll continue to make smart bets now and in the future. Part of making smart bets is to pay attention to the results and make adjustments later and that is what we are doing now.

The time has come for us to make a major decision with respect to our RSS Feed reader that is built into the webmail application. We have decided to remove the RSS Feed reader from the webmail application. We will remove RSS Feeds as an option from our webmail interface on August 15th.

There are several reasons for this decision and we have outlined those below so you can understand why we have decided to make this move.

RSS hasn’t reached the critical mass necessary to go main stream. Without that critical mass, RSS has struggled at the edges, adopted by those who tend to adopt new technologies very readily but not by many outside those circles. The total number of our users taking advantage of this feature is less than 0.2% and isn’t growing.

Our RSS Feed reader is in need of a major overhaul, which requires development and hardware resources. This in turn will drive up costs that will have to be passed on to our customers and this is something we wish to avoid.

We will not be cutting this feature off immediately and want to give you plenty of time for users to migrate. Below you will find migration instructions for your users who wish to use an alternative solution for managing their RSS feeds below. As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at


We have developed migration instructions for several popular RSS feed reader alternatives. Please feel free to email these instructions to your users.

Google Reader (

If you would like to use Google Reader, a free web based RSS feed reader, please sign up at and follow the steps below to import your RSS feeds:

1. Export the file as described above.

2. Sign in to Google Reader.

3. Click the Settings link in the upper right of the page.

4. Click the Import/Export link.

5. Click the Browse button next to the “Select an OPML file” box.

6. Select the file that you exported from webmail, and click the Open button.

7. Click the Upload button.

Bloglines (

Once you have registered with Bloglines and replied to the confirmation email, import feeds by doing the following:

1. Click on the Feeds tab at the top of the screen.

2. Click on the Edit link.

3. Click the Import Subscriptions link at the bottom of the left panel.

4. Next to the ‘OPML File’ box, click the Browse button.

5. Select the file that you exported, and click the Open button.

6. Click the Import button.

Newsgator Online (

Once you have registered with newsgator online, import feeds by doing the following:

1. Click the Add Feeds link at the top right of the page.

2. Under the URL & Import tab, click the Import link.

3. Under ‘To import feeds from an OPML file, use this form,’ click the Browse button.

4. Select the file that you exported, and click the Open button.

5. Click the Import button.

6. Click the Subscribe button.