Using Webmail Spam Filtering And Handling

June 23, 2010

You can use Webmail to handle your spam filtering chores as an alternative to your desktop email client’s settings. Because Webmail’s interface allows you to check email directly from your inbox on the mail server, any spam filtering changes you make here can help prevent junk messages from downloading into your email program. Here’s how to set it up…

1. Go to

2. Click Settings on the upper-right of the Webmail page.

Click Settings on the top right.Click ‘Settings’ on the top right.

3. Click Spam Settings on left column of the Settings window.

Within the Settings modal choose Spam Settings.Within the Settings modal choose ‘Spam Settings’.

4. For Spam Filtering, you can set it either off/on, or you can set it for Exclusive which will allow you to receive incoming messages only from email addresses or IP addresses on your safelist.

Turn Spam Filtering Status to On.Turn Spam Filtering Status to On.

5. Once the spam filtering is on, you can select how you want spam to be handled. Choices include delivery to a spam folder inside your Webmail inbox, immediate deletion of spam, forwarding to an email address you specify, or flagging it as ‘[SPAM]’ at the beginning of the subject line. If you set spam to go to your spam folder inside Webmail, you can click on Cleanup Options to set the number of days to wait before deleting those messages or never automatically delete them.

Spam Handling available options allows you to control the spam.Spam Handling available options allows you to control the spam.

6. Under the Safelist tab you can add email addresses, domains and IP addresses of those who email you want to receive. The spam filter will bypass filtering to ensure you receive the email.

Domains, Email Addresses and IP Addresses can be safelisted.Domains, Email Addresses and IP Addresses can be safelisted.

7. Blacklisting domains, email addresses and IP address can be done within the Blacklist tab .

Within Spam Settings you can blacklist spamming domains, email addresses, and IP addresses.Within Spam Settings you can blacklist spamming domains and IP addresses.

5. Click Save, and you are all set!

When finished click Save.When finished click Save.