Twitter brings people together

I would never pretend that I am a twitter fanatic. In fact, I have been the complete opposite for years. This is an embarrassing thing to admit when you are in the ‘biz’, but as if updating and reading facebook hasn’t taken away enough hours of my life – how do I jump on another social network? Well, it wasn’t until this weekend that I got it. I understand it. I experienced the power of Twitter.

This past weekend I attended a conference in Madison that brought together some of the brightest, inspiring developers from around the country (and by developers I mean those geeky people that are rockstars at coding websites and applications). They already knew what Twitter could do….

As I sat back in my seat watching the conference, I started noticing people on Twitter. So I jumped on the bandwagon to check it out. As I started reading through some of the tweets referencing #uxmad and @uxmad, I began to realize that not only was I watching the speakers in front of my eyes, I was reading about how my fellow conference-goers felt about a topic, what they took away from it, and amusing anecdotes. So on July 21, 2012 – I tweeted my 10th tweet ever. And suddenly I realized I wanted to learn more and be more engaged in the event.

Twitter improved my experience with UX Madison – suddenly I didn’t just feel like a spectator. I know there are a lot of us out there that still have no idea what we are doing with Twitter (I will remain one of them). But we never learned how to ride a bike until we started, right? I can’t promise I am an expert tweeter or that I will continue doing it, but I can promise you that the process of learning it will be so much more enjoyable if you jump on board with me 🙂 And if that doesn’t work – well, there is always the ‘next best thing out there’. Follow me @ginapopp