Time to Update Your Web Browser

With all of the new features that come along with the latest in technology, our internet browsers need to be updated as well. These new features help us build applications to give users a better overall experience.

So often we see users with their browsers not updated. Many times, websites stop supporting older versions of web browsers.

A highly-praised web browser is Google Chrome. It’s designed to be quick from the get-go, whether it’s loading pages or running complex applications. Another web browser we recommend is Mozilla Firefox. We all have our preferences, but these are the two browsers we recommend to our clients, family, and friends.

While we could go on for hours with the great debate of which browser to use, one fact remains, if it’s not up to date chances are you’ll run into some sort of issue.

New browsers will automatically update to the latest version, or will give you notifications when new new updates are available. Using the latest browser will provide:

  • fewer instances of the browser crashing or freezing.
  • more security against viruses, spyware, and browser hijackings.
  • faster page-loading.
  • a variety of useful plugins and add-ons.