There’s no excuse to not update your website content

One of the most common business mistakes online is not keeping your content up to date. When wisnet builds new sites, we use the best content platform for our clients. When we’re doing a site redesign, often times we discover too many companies had their current site constructed in a system where they cannot easily update it. Which of course means we have to start at square one to get them in a more efficient system.

WordPress gives wisnet clients full control to update every page on their site. Anything from simple things like office hours and team bios, to adding new pages. Once we finish the site build, our clients can make changes as often they want and at any time they want, all without racking up additional service charges.

  • WordPress provides a safe and secure website for you to make updates.
  • Out of date information is damaging to your business reputation and search engine relevancy.
  • Maintaining your online content can affect your company’s profitability.
  • You can lose prospects with out of date product and services content. As well as frustrate current customers.

Give us a call, and we can help you get started!