The Difference Between Paragraph and Advanced Editor

August 10, 2010

With the launch of our new BLASTauthor (beta) we want to introduce two new features to help when authoring articles – the paragraph and advanced editor. The paragraph editor is useful for creating content that is easily ‘scannable’ by readers. The advanced editor gives authors the freedom to create their own style (format) for the layout of articles. Stick around as we explain the differences between the two editors.

Subheadings, paragraphs, bullets, bold, images…

Most readers have little patience and are far more likely to skim through an article. Subheadings, bullet points, short paragraphs, and bold-faced text give the eye something to ‘grab’ onto as it scans the article.

The paragraph editor is a good starting point for non-savvy authors as well as experts. You can easily add a paragraph, subheading, and photo. If needed, you can style text with bold, italics, and bullets. Not every paragraph needs a subheading – use it sparingly to adhere to a simple layout – and readers with short attention spans! 😀

In the image below, notice the basic features for the paragraph editor – bold, italics, bullets, numbers, links, and an undo button. That’s it! Wow, so simple!

View of the paragraph editor built into BLASTauthor.View of the paragraph editor built into BLASTauthor.

Now, let’s take a look at the advanced editor…

The advanced editor is ideal for seasoned pros or those whose time is limited. We imagined authors wanting to cut-and-paste from Microsoft Word – and call it a day. The advanced editor will leave the format intact; the way it was copied. In contrast, the basic editor will remove all formatting including breaks (returns), colors, font-sizes, etc.

Features included with advanced editor…

The advanced editor includes everything: breaks (returns), copy and paste from Word without losing format, colors, fonts, font sizes, bullets, tables and much more. Take a look at the screenshot below.

A view of the advanced editor plugin built into BLASTauthor.A view of the advanced editor plugin built into BLASTauthor.

What we do…

Here at, most of our articles are written using the paragraph editor. Occasionally, we need to use the advanced editor. The good news is BLASTauthor will allow switching between the two of them. Then you can decide which format is best for each article.


BLASTauthor’s paragraph editor helps new authors format content for electronic readers who prefer to skim content. More sophisticated features are available through the advanced editor. Whichever way is chosen, you will find BLASTauthor to be an easy and effective tool to publish articles to your site or blog.