Front-End Developer

Nick Berens

Nick really doesn’t like talking about himself in the third person, but he will make an exception in this case.

Nick grew up in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. He spent his time skateboarding, snowboarding, drawing, writing on walls and generally driving his parents a little crazy.

Having received a copy of Photoshop 5.5 from a friend, Nick quickly decided creating anything digital was pretty fun and decided to pursue a degree in Web Design and Development and Fox Valley Technical College.

After graduation he took on an internship at Thrivent Financial. After realizing web development for a financial institution was about as fun as it sounds, Nick found himself working at wisnet.com and hasn’t looked back since.

Random fact about me: I’m a pretty good juggler.

Guilty pleasure: Junk food, lots and lots of junk food.

Thing that really baffles me: People who get real jobs.

First job or most unusual job: Salesperson at a little kids’ shoe store.

Leisure activities: Painting, photography, volleyball, biking.

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