Application Programmer

David Rosillo

David was born and raised in Barranquilla, northern Colombia and a couple years ago decided to move from the land of always summer to the frozen tundra. He’s mostly very quiet but can talk a lot if you wind him up. David is the proud papa of two cats, two fish and is married to his beautiful wife, Monica. He met Monica in college through a friend in common and got married shortly after he arrived to the U.S.A.

David graduated as a Multimedia Engineer but fell in love with web development after he was introduced to it. He is an avid learner and picks up skills in a short time. David loves to use his skills to solve problems and help in any way he can. You can usually find him staring into the matrix writing code that helps solve whatever problem a client has.

He is an avid geek who loves puns and comedy, enjoys playing video games and almost anything pop-culture related (you’ll usually see him sporting a fun and geeky shirt), he enjoys learning random facts and learning about pretty much anything. David really loves plot twists, especially those in mystery and heist movies. He used to practice taekwondo but stopped because of an arm fracture.

Random fact about me: I used to do roller skating as a kid and once got to third place in a national championship.

Leisure-time activities: I enjoy playing lots of video games, mainly action games and shooters. I also like watching fiction, sci-fi and comedies whenever I get the chance.

Pet peeves: Musicals, I can’t stand supposed to be strangers just starting to sing and dance perfectly out of the blue.

Thing that really baffles me: Of all things that baffle me the top most one is the fact that Kansas and Arkansas are pronounced differently.

Favorite food: Lemme sneak past ya real quick and grab ALL the ranch.

Guilty pleasure: I like to drive a little bit fast on the highway, like 80-85 mph, just a little bit fast.