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Our geeks & creatives strive to create marketing, web and app solutions that build up big ideas for our clients to share with the world. This is exactly why we love the mission of TED so much – and are thrilled to now be partnering with TEDx organizers all over the world – and last, but most definitely not least, TEDxFondduLac.

TLTR: Team wisnet is now providing an in-kind/free WordPress template for TEDx organizers anywhere and everywhere in the world based on our work with the amazing TEDxFondduLac. Stay tuned for the official release on TED Sponsor Marketplace and in the listing.

Rad, but what does that mean?

It all started with our team being invited to join forces with the Fond du Lac planning team – lead by the mighty Sarah Spang – to bring a TEDx event to Fond du Lac. It has been a big undertaking – but this #StubbornlyOptimistic team is pulling it together.

Part of that work together involved the creation of, where wisnet was given a blank canvas to design and build a website to feature information unique to our independent event. Including, but not limited to: theme, speakers, sponsors, program details, news and other local pride revolving around the event.

What does this mean for other TEDx organizers around the world?
The work of a TEDx organizer is demanding, exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. Team wisnet was honored to be able to serve our local community by sharing our knowledge and skills to help ensure the event succeeds AND make Sarah’s (TEDxFondduLac license holder) job just a wee bit easier (or at least one less thing to fret about).

Which got us to thinking . . . why should any TEDx organizer – a person going out of their way to spread great ideas and make a difference in their community – have to worry about finding a quick, easy, budget-friendly and great looking resource for their TEDx website!?!

This is exactly why we proceeded with submitting our work as an in-kind/free WordPress template for TEDx organizers anywhere and everywhere in the world. All we ask is to be listed as an in-kind donor on your independent TEDx website partner/sponsor page.

With this TEDx template, you’ll enjoy:
  • Ready-to-go TED branded site, but easily updated to fit your individual event identity & theme. See full example at
  • Theme settings allow for quick and easy updating of your TEDx logo, theme, event date and location, social channels, and contact details.
  • “Speaker” post type provides ease in adding and showcasing the stars of your show
  • And don’t forget your planning team! Quickly and easily highlight the behind-the-scenes rock stars who make your event happen.
  • A “Partner” post type also allows you to customize and set up your donor levels – giving credit where credit is respectfully due.
  • Integrated blog functionality for ease of sharing news, ideas and more.
  • Theme comes installed with MailChimp for WP plugin to make subscriber integration a breeze. Just tie in your API key and you are good to go!
  • Additional content callouts allow you to inspire your followers with other “TALKS WE LOVE” and more.
  • Mobile friendly, because you shouldn’t expect anything less.
  • Easily add pages and build out your navigational menu with top level and children pages.

Check out these screenshots of the template layout and WordPress theme updates in the backend editor below:

TEDx sample site for Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Backend editor settings for event basics, including logo, theme, location & more

Theme includes custom content post types for partners/sponsors, speakers, planning team members, FAQs, social media channel links and videos/”talks we love”

Sample site: Highlight speakers and the details of their talk

Sample site: Blog, news & updates are simple simple

Official release to come on the TED Sponsor Marketplace, next to the work of other techy providers and supporters like Basecamp, Tumblr, MailChimp, and more!

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of geeks & creatives by shooting us a note at Whether you have a quick question on how to update your site or you’re looking for anything else wisnet can help with!

Ready to kickstart your web presence with the help of our geeks & creatives? We have your WordPress TEDx theme ready to go! We’re excited to help bring your ideas and event to life!

Need assistance on any other brand/theme marketing, WordPress integration, apps, or anything else? Learn more at

FAQs and other goodies:

What is a TEDx event, you ask?
Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking video and mind-blowing conversation. A TEDx event creates a unique gathering in your community that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform on a variety of topics. Watch this video to learn more about TED and TEDx!

TEDx is coming to Fond du Lac Saturday August 19, 2017 hosted at Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts. For more information on TEDx Fond du Lac, visit

Local & looking for tickets? Too bad for you! This inaugural event sold out in one day! The TEDxFondduLac team has done an amazing job of lining up presenters and promoting the conference. Stay tuned for the presentations available online for viewing after big day!

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