Support Requests

To provide faster response times…

Please send all support requests and questions to customercare@wisnet.com or call 920-322-9522 rather than reaching out to a team member directly. This would include things like issues you’re having with your website or domain, things you want added or updated, or even requests for completely new projects.

By sending emails to customercare@wisnet.com, the request can much more reliably and quickly get into our project management software and in front of the right team member for an estimate or resolution.

The customercare@wisnet.com inbox is constantly monitored by multiple team members. But if you’ve called in the past or emailed, you’ve probably spoken to Jodi Van Nocker and/or Tracy Freund. They’re checking that inbox – routing tickets and requests to the appropriate person on our team; whether that’s an account manager, a developer, or a designer. Making it faster for the right person to hop in and help out.

As we work towards more sustainable and organized workflows, we appreciate your cooperation and would love to hear your feedback and thoughts regarding our working relationship as we continue to grow together.